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Festival of Entrepreneurship and Business Development, is an event that has been set up by the effort of the Sharif University of Technology Entrepreneurship Center. This event follows the previous successful courses, "Festival of Entrepreneurship and Business Development" which is now developed inside the country and will be held in different subjects and fields.

During the steps of this festival, participants learn about business concepts and principles and will be trained practically, based on their core and technological idea, in a competitive environment, furthermore, prepare their plan to be presented to institutions and individual investors. The final output of this festival is ideas and projects which lead the way to have support services of Sharif Advanced Technologies Incubator and other sponsors, also, would have facilities for investing of Sharif Research and Technology Fund and other investors in order to commercialization the business plan and manufacture the relevant product.
The prizes which winners will take award are such as cash prizes, the facility cost and the possibility of settlement in Sharif Advanced Technologies Incubator.

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